Message From Chariman

Major Wahidul Hossain (RTD)

DBS started working with the hilly but poor people of the Chittagong Hill Tract districts initially with microfinance in order to bring about an improvement in the overall socio-economic conditions of these disadvantaged people. It was a hard and difficult task but DBS could overcome all challenges over the years and moved forward. Soon DBS started pursuing the policy of integrated approach of rural development and started introducing programs and activities that bring welfare to the rural life. During the year 2008, DBS implemented as many as 18 programs covering the areas of health, agriculture, renewable energy, housing, human rights/democracy & governance, disaster management, gender development and so on.

The global financial crisis, high price of the daily essentials and local socio-economic & political situation in certain project areas affected the members’ in their abilities to repay the loans. Effective polices and strategic programs taken by DBS helped to maintain a growth during the year. The other programs were strengthened and progresses were recorded.

Details of all the programs along with specific activities and achievement for the year have been elaborately discussed in the present report. I do believe the readers will get and insight of the overview of the activities of DBS.

The performance of the dedicated staff supports of all donors, assistance by the members of executive & general bodies and cooperation of the well-wishers of DBS have significantly contributed towards this achievement.

I congratulate those sho had done the hard work of preparing this annual report. However, any suggestions from the readers will enable us to enrich the quality of the report in future

Major Wahidul Hossain (RETD)

Chairperson, DBS

Message from ED (DBS)

DBS completed 12 years in 2015. The experience of DBS was not pleasant in 2015. The global financial crisis and high food prices in 2015 affected our members severely.